Love Shopping Online? You Soon Might Buy Your Car Online as Well

  eTags, a company that offers online vehicle registration renewal services, recently featured a blog post on how more people are using the internet to buy a car. Now, they’re not necessarily buying the car online just yet (although some do and car auctions are very popular), but they are definitely using the internet to research potential [...]

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Did I Get Pulled Over Because of the Car I Drive?

  There are many myths out there about the type and color of the car you drive and the likelihood of getting pulled over. You've probably heard that you're more [...]

How Appeals to Millennial Motorists

  Early this year, there was some news out there that Millennials were not buying cars like previous generations. Those in favor of this position, argued that [...]

Why Are Millennials Looking to Lease Their First Car

If you're under the age of 35, you might have considered leasing a vehicle instead of purchasing one. You are not alone. In a recent article posted on, writer [...]

Could You Own a Stolen Car and Not Even Know It?

Let's say you purchase a vehicle from a car auction, take care of the registration fees, and continue to operate that vehicle for years. Then one day, you get a call from [...]

Could Your Next Car Be a Hydrogen-fueled Electric Car?

There was an article in the New York Times this week about electric cars that are powered by hydrogen fuel cells. According to the article, these vehicles may be gaining [...]

Four Benefits You’ll Experience When You Renew Your Registration Through

If you are a resident of California or Florida, registration is a mandatory part of driving. If you do not renew your registration by the expiration date, you might be [...]