How Appeals to Millennial Motorists



Early this year, there was some news out there that Millennials were not buying cars like previous generations. Those in favor of this position, argued that Millennials were a bit turned off by the idea of purchasing a car as they were still facing hardships from the 2007 Great Recession more so than other generations. While the bailout of the automobile industry was saved from full collapse, millennials were still struggling with things like long term careers, home purchases and other major things.

Other points that were argued include that Millennials were more likely to use public transportation, biking, or services like Uber to get to where they needed to go. While there is some merit to this, the AP debunked this idea and provided evidence that Millennials bought more cars than other generation, except Baby Boomers. Millennials are buying cars in droves, which means various automobile-related organizations must cater their services to meet the needs and preferences of Millennials.


A Mobile Solution for Renewing Your Car Registration


Millennials are the first generation that has grown up with the internet. Now in their twenties and thirties, they are the most apt to using the web and mobile apps to conduct business and perform errands. They bank on their phones, they pay their bills on their tablets, and they perform other errands all while following the trail to find elusive Pok√©mon. It’s only natural that they would want to renew their car registration on their mobile devices as well.


eTags makes this happen by providing a digital solution that allows Millennials and everyone to avoid the DMV altogether. is mobile friendly and compatible with all mobile devices. This allows users to access its services on the go and in minutes. No more wasted days at the DMV. In addition to that, provides users with a digital registration card for their convenience, making it the best option for an increasingly technology-inclined population.

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