Love Shopping Online? You Soon Might Buy Your Car Online as Well



eTags, a company that offers online vehicle registration renewal services, recently featured a blog post on how more people are using the internet to buy a car. Now, they’re not necessarily buying the car online just yet (although some do and car auctions are very popular), but they are definitely using the internet to research potential vehicles and shop around for the best deals.


There was a recent study that was commissioned by Facebook that examined how people shop. The study found the following:


  •  80% of the pre-purchase phase of auto buying is on mobile devices
  • 72% of consumers have decided on a brand before visiting a dealership
  • 49% make a decision on which particular vehicle they want to buy before they go to the dealership


In addition to researching vehicles online beforehand, 40% of those surveyed said they book their service appointments online and 30% indicated they purchase vehicle accessories and parts online.


You might be thinking that since the survey was commissioned by Facebook, it will obviously speak positively about social media marketing and the importance of those in the automobile industry. However, when was the last time you were at a dealer lot looking at vehicles? If you shopped for a car on a dealer’s lot, you know that salespeople can be kind of pushy and it can be a high-pressure situation. In addition to that, unless you’re prepared, you could find yourself on the losing side of a deal. Even the suspicions are warranted, its hard to deny that at least narrowing down the brand and car online is appealing in its convenience and ease.


By doing the research ahead of time, applying for financing, and even purchasing the vehicle online, customers can shop around for the best deals anywhere and anytime they want. We already buy so many things online. Why not vehicles? Especially when you consider the fact that people already love renewing their vehicle registration online and shopping for auto insurance online which is a market that eTags has thrived in.


If you are thinking about purchasing a vehicle in the very near future, you might not need to leave your home. For those of us who hate negotiating and struggle against high-pressure tactics, this could be a welcome solution to get your next vehicle.

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