Did I Get Pulled Over Because of the Car I Drive?

Pulled over by police car


There are many myths out there about the type and color of the car you drive and the likelihood of getting pulled over. You’ve probably heard that you’re more likely to get pulled over if you drive a red car. And what type of car do you think gets pulled over more: a sports coupe or a four-door family sedan? We’re guessing you chose the sports coupe.


eTags provided a great post on why the type and color of the car doesn’t affect how often you get pulled over. While it’s true that certain models and colors do get pulled over more than others, it has less to do with the car itself, but the person behind the wheel.


Those who are younger and less experienced or who may exhibit certain aggressive driving tendencies, are the ones more likely to buy a sports car or luxury car that typically get pulled over more. As these cars tend to come in bright colors like red, this could be the reason for the inaccurate assumption.


So if it’s not the car than what actually could cause you to get pulled over? In short, it’s the way somebody drives. If you are distracted or driving aggressively, this is the reason why you may see cop lights behind you. Distracted driving means texting when you drive, which is definitely a no-no. Running a red light or stop sign because you’re distracted and didn’t see it is another easy way to get a ticket.


When we talk about aggressive driving, speeding is the first thing that comes to mind. Stay within the speed limit to ensure that you don’t get pulled over. Other aggressive tendencies to avoid include making an illegal U-turn and tailgating. Finally, keep in mind that you could get pulled over if you have an equipment violation or you have expired tags. On that last point, if you choose to renew your registration through eTags, you can get renewed faster and get a digital copy of your registration card for your use.

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